Lunchtime Creation – E3 Logo Redesign

E3 is just around the corner which means it will soon be time for gamers and the like to bathe in new video game announcements. It’s also given me an excuse to create another lunchtime logo (might trademark that actually). There is a twist this time though.

Anyone interested in design will know that flat is all the rage at the moment. Big companies are tweaking their logos to suit the new flat market whilst destroying any character or likeness to their pre-existing logos. Either that or they spend billions of dollars to come up with a logo that is kind of similar. Like so.

In a similar vein, I’ve decided to sacrifice all that is great about the iconic E3 logo and redesign it so that it is ‘bang on trend’. Let me know your thoughts.

Hipster Chic


E3 Logo Pseudo 3D Redesign

White Space

E3 logo redesign whitespace

I love flat design by the way, like genuinely. For once I’m not being sarcastic.


We have to go back!

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