Portfolio nostalgia

A trip down memory lane

Earlier on in the week, I stumbled across my old binder full of Pokémon cards. Then I found a hidden area on my HDD (no it wasn’t a folder called ‘Homework’). Contained were all the old design bits I’d done from way back when. Some are up to 12 years old!

I also found a bunch of my old web portfolios that I’d built prior to delving into WordPress (annoyingly I’ve lost all of those). It was interesting to go back and essentially see where my web career started so I thought I’d collate them all here. I understand that these will be of little to no interest to the majority of you but if anything else it’s quite cool to see websites from yesteryear.


The very first portfolio I created back in 2009. At this point in my life, my portfolio mainly consisted of photos taken from my parent’s garden and dodgy photoshops. Ever the optimist I did put a ‘website’ section in place but it never got populated.

Screenshot of my first portfolio website

v2 (1.5)

I had the cheek to call this v2 when it’s pretty much the same with some god-awful ‘tagline’ in the corner. Not sure if I chose the default typeface or just failed to declare it properly in the CSS. I’m guessing the latter.

Screenshot of my second portfolio website

v4 (No v3 for some reason)

At this point, I’d learned how to use jQuery so naturally, I set up an accordion layout for the site. I still quite like this but not entirely sure why I substituted a terrible tagline for an equally shit one.

Screenshot of my fourth portfolio website

v4 (alt)

This one never came to be but it wouldn’t look out of place sitting along with some modern-day designs. I’m impressed by my younger self! Presumably, I didn’t code it up because I was too ambitious and didn’t know how…

Screenshot of my fourth (alternate) portfolio website

v6 (no v5 either)

v6, because who needs a v5 right, marked my change from light on dark to dark on light. The telegraph wires image from v4 made a return but admittedly looked worse than it did originally.

Screenshot of my sixth portfolio website

v6 (v2)

I don’t know what I was thinking with this one. The thumbnails did change to colour on hover though so there was that. 🤷‍♂️

Screenshot of my sixth (second alt) portfolio website

And that marked the end of my pre-WordPress portfolio sites. Sorry for the anti-climax. As a consolation, here is a pic of the first ever piece I ‘designed’ on the PC. Remember forum signatures from way back when? Yeah, it’s one of those, and it features the character from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. What a game!

Awful handwritten text on a blue/white gradient background


But seriously, how soon is now?

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