Call of Duty enters the Battlefield

Call of Duty vs Battlefield

Shooty games are popular and at the end of the year, we will see two big-named titles go head to head. Think of it as the video game version of Batman vs. Superman or Cap Am vs. Iron Man! Who will reign supreme? Enter the arena – Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The first game to be revealed in the battle of first-person supremacy is the new Call of Duty. This year Infinity Ward is in control of the franchise – which presumably meant naming the game was an easy task seeing as it’s pretty much their own name. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, give it a watch below:

Infinite Warfare is shaping up to be more of the same of what we saw from Advanced Warfare and that hasn’t gone down too well with the fans. For years now Call of Duty fans have been asking for a return to WWII but instead, Activision seems to be pushing the game further into the future. It almost seems like they’re trolling their audience. Then again it’s not like anyone else is going to release a first-person shooter based in the era of ‘The Great War’*…

Whilst the trailer has been met with a lot of negativity there was one stand out moment, you could almost say it’s only redeeming feature. Modern Warfare remaster. For me, Call of Duty 4 is probably the greatest COD game to date, followed very closely by Call of Duty 2. People lost their shit. This too has been asked for by a collective of fans and it’s finally here. Then, of course, Infinity Ward (IW) said that you need to buy Infinite Warfare (IW) to get Modern Warfare (MW)… Oh. They’ve done a bad. Quite a big bad.

The reason behind attaching MW to IW is to increase sales at release. I don’t need to tell you that. The problem is, that version of the game is being released at almost double the price (currently £69.00 on of a normal game and IW doesn’t look all that different to AW, not enough to warrant the high price tag for a new game. It doesn’t matter how great a game MW is, I’d guess people will have second thoughts on spending nearly £70 to play it. But the price isn’t the biggest issue here.

My main concern is that they’ve actually attached MW to IW to increase sales. That to me feels like an admission of failure. It’s almost like Activision/Infinity Ward is saying “Yeah, IW ain’t all that but here is the most popular COD game bundled with it to keep you quiet”. Maybe I’m a little too cynical. This could just be a way to boost initial sales, something that developers are really keen on doing. Still, the whole thing seems a little off.

That all I said, I personally don’t think the IW actually looks all that bad. Weirdly I’m part of the 1% when it comes to COD because I play the games for the campaign, not the multiplayer. Yes, I know this is strange. Thing is I’m not all too good at online shooters and by the time I play a COD game everyone is level 10 prestige (whatever they call it now) resulting in a less than enjoyable experience. But I do understand the disdain for the new trailer. It looks relatively bland when compared to the best games of the series, however, I personally thought it looked alright. COD to me is a ‘dumb’ game (campaign, not multiplayer). A game that you can just pick up and play without having to engage your brain too much. It’s this reason why I enjoy playing them and it’s the same reason I enjoy lacklustre action films which have little to no story. They’re just fun.

Battlefield 1

Next up Battlefield 1! Give the trailer a watch if you’ve not done so already.

Okay. First things first, obv. I fucking love that trailer! It’s done more than enough to get me extremely excited for the game. Not only was the trailer perfectly put together, the content actually looks interesting.

Battlefield 1 is heading back in time to WWI, a period of time that isn’t often used for video games. The trailer shows off quite a collection of features expected to feature in the final game. You’d hope so any way else there’ll be lawsuits galore! Battles on horseback, trench warfare, tank warfare and dogfighting in bi-planes! I’m genuinely looking forward to how this will play out. Then again I did play Battlefield 4 on release…

Battlefield 4 was actually a decent game. The campaign had enough in it for me to play through a couple of times. The multiplayer, as expected, was also a treat (when it worked). But the whole release was a complete disaster. I’m not sure whether it was down to the new generation of consoles or just a badly developed game but it was horrid. More often than not, stats from multiplayer games would be lost when transitioning between maps. Lag was rife, rendering it unplayable. My save data even got erased from the cloud, although I think that might have been Microsoft’s fault. In short, it pissed me off big time and I’ve since boycotted the Battlefield games.

But after I watched the Battlefield 1 trailer I felt a twang of excitement. I was reminded of Battlefield’s golden years; BF 1942, BF2 & 3 and Bad Company (personal fav). When Battlefield is good, it really is good! I’ve given them enough time to sort their shit out now so fingers they’ve done just that. Assuming BF1 is released in working order we’re going to have a gem to play this holiday season.

See I’ve compared COD and BF but in truth, they are completely different games, only joined by the fact that you should people with guns. COD is extremely fast-paced and suites a more run ‘n’ gun approach to gameplay. Battlefield feels a little more reserved and requires strategy, especially on the larger maps. It’s for that reason that I prefer playing Battlefield’s multiplayer over COD. There’s nothing greater than having a decent squad and taking control points dotted around the map.

I’m thinking Battlefield 1 looks like the better game, even at this early stage. There, I said it. This is merely because it’s offering something different and that something looks like it could be really quite great. Regardless of this, Call of Duty will more than likely outsell Battlefield. Negative Youtube likes (aka dislikes) aside, people will always default to buying the new COD. The casual gamer will see a shiny new Call of Duty box on the shelf and automatically purchase it and those yearning for the golden years of Call of Duty will part with their hard-earned cash, especially once the marketing team have crammed it into every orifice between now and November.

It might be the beginning of the end for Call of Duty though. I don’t know how long they can reign supreme especially with the quality of game that’s being released at the moment. AW was by no means a bad game but each iteration seems to show no innovation. Infinity Ward has also just played the trump card with the Modern Warfare remaster and I can’t seem then running trend with 2 & 3. Then again Activision is money grabbing so who knows?

*I understand that ‘The Great War’ is WWI, not WWII, so please don’t complain.


All good things come to an end.

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