I have a life and with it I choose to hunt Pokémon

Yep, another Pokémon post. If you’re sick of em I’d probably just bang out now. Then again why would you be reading this if you hated Pokémon? Eh? EH? Alright, it’s not strictly tied to Pokemon but it is me in rant mode again so at the risk of sounding like a moaning little bitch I shall continue.

For the last week, I’ve been completely hooked on Pokémon GO. I’ve been going out of my way to take alternative routes by Pokéstops. I’m constantly checking my phone to see if anything decent is in my vicinity (not during work time though obvs…). And I’m trying to walk extra km to hatch them sweet eggs. It’s taken over my life but all in all, I’ve been having fun playing the game. Thing is, for some people that shouldn’t be the case. I shouldn’t be having fun playing this game. Instead, I should get a life. Apparently, the playing of Pokémon GO and having a life are mutually exclusive, who’d have thunk it?

There’s no denying how successful Pokémon GO has become. It’s already smashing records. Nintendo shares have increased so much so that they too have broken a centenary record. It’s a huge game and a hell of a lot of people are playing it. There are however some people who aren’t playing it. These people don’t see the point in hunting virtual Pokémon and think it a waste of time. That’s fine, really. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and can make up their own minds as to whether they want to play it or not. My issue is when these people actively go out their way to push forward their opinion by means of belittling or ‘attacking’ those who are enjoying it.

Contradicting myself greatly I too am being vocal about the game, pushing my own opinions onto others. I think it’s a great game though and urge everyone to at least give it a go. I mentioned it briefly in my other post but the world is pretty shitty at times so it’s nice to escape reality for just a few minutes many hours a day. There have also been a load of genuinely feel-good stories crop up as a result of the game. Now, though, I’m writing a passive aggressive post aimed toward the neigh sayers.

Like I say you’re more than entitled to dislike the game. I dislike many a thing. For example, I’m not entirely keen on football however you won’t see me commenting on football posts expressing my distaste for the sport. Herein lies the problem. Some people seemingly like to go out of their way to verbalise how much they dislike this game or anything for that matter. Everyone has a voice on the web and they can easily project that voice with a few taps of a keyboard (or screen). The problem with this accessibility is that many people don’t tend to actually think before they type. Comments such as “get a life”, “get laid”, “I’m not a child” are commonplace on Pokémon GO articles. There doesn’t appear to be any kind of filter on the useless shit that spills from the mind of these sexed up adults with amazing lives.

I understand that this is quite a minor issue in the grand scheme of shittery on the web but let us all start to think about what we’re typing on websites. I can’t imagine this will have any positive effect but hey ho it’s worth a shot. Plus I needed to vent hard! Ultimately I think we all need to censor the drivel we put up on the web.

  1. The first question to ask yourself – Will this contribute to the original content or related discussion? If the answer is no it’s probably best to go on your merry way. If yes, post away.
  2. Is it a positive contribution? If yes, go ahead and post it, there needs to be more positivity about the place! If it’s negative just think about what you’re saying. Are you offering advice or simply sharing your opposing opinion (in a respected manner)? Did the original poster request your opinion? If so, go ahead. Discussion is great, as is constructive criticism. If your comment consists of 4 words or less I’d probably refrain from posting.
  3. The final most important question – Is your comment a pun? Always post a pun.

All it boils down two is two things. First, just let people enjoy the things they want to do. Everyone has different interests and what you enjoy doing will be of no interest to someone else, it works both ways. Get on with your own life without worrying about everyone else’s. Then, of course, think about what you’re posting on the net. Just take a couple of seconds to read what you’re posting and ask yourself whether it’s worth it. I’ve done the very same on Twitter this year and believe it or not your life will go on just fine without spilling your unmoderated thoughts. Yes, that does mean what I’ve tweeted has been curated so make of that what you will.

Be good.


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