Privacy Policy

Apparently, it’s some kind of law to have a privacy policy so here it goes.

I don’t personally collect any data on this site. I don’t need to. I’m not interested. But I do have a couple of third-party resources doing stuff on the site.

Google Analytics

Most websites use Google Analytics to track the number of visits it’s received. This is done using a tracking cookie (you may have heard about them). Contrary to popular belief, cookies aren’t evil. They’re small packets of data which are used to help make the web an easier thing to use. Ever wonder how a site knows that you’re logged in? That’ll probably be a cookie.

Google Analytics uses a number of cookies to track user interaction and this collected data allows me to see how many visitors I’ve had to my site and what posts they’re most interested in. It also collects other bits of data such as the type of browser you’re using and which part of the world you’re from. Don’t worry, I don’t have your actual address. Google doesn’t let me see any personal data i.e. your name & email address because it simply doesn’t store it. Another useful thing about Google Analytics is that it lets me see where users have come from. For example: did you come to my site from a tweet I’d sent out or was it through Google’s search engine?

All of the data above is for me to see which content is most popular and which method of driving visitors to my site is the most successful. I’m not sharing this with anyone else. I’m not selling it. It’s just there for me to look at.

Google AdSense

The plan is to have adverts on certain posts of this site and, again, they utilise cookies. You know how you’ll visit one site and you’ll then see a bunch of ads relating to it? Yeah, they’re cookies. My site will make use of those to show adverts that Google assumes are most of interest to you. Nobody likes ads but it’s a way for me to earn a few pennies off my content. Google AdSense collects a very similar set of data like Google Analytics and, as with Analytics, there’s nothing personal in there.


I’ve opted to use Disqus as a third-party commenting platform on my site. I did this for two reasons. The first, it was easier to set up and has a bunch of cool features thrown in for extra measure. The second, I don’t have to store anything on my site. That means when you’re commenting on my site, it is actually storing everything on the Disqus servers. You can check out their policy here: Disqus Privacy Policy.


To summarise: I don’t collect any personal data and the miscellaneous bits of analytical data I do collect won’t be shared or sold to any third-parties. I just enjoy writing content and want to do so in the least obtrusive way possible so enjoy your stay!

But seriously, how soon is now?

© Kieran McClung, 2019 Privacy & Cookies