Video Game Controller Artwork

Video Game Controller Artwork

Controllercons scratched my itch of marrying gaming with design but it still didn’t leave me completely satisfied. I wanted something else, something physical. I’ve always wanted to create something that could don the wall of any hipster’s apartment and that’s when the video game controller artwork collection was born.

The idea behind the collection was to focus on recognisable elements of video game controllers. They needed to be minimal yet striking enough to make someone want to actually hang them up on their wall. It ultimately came down to whether I would have them on my wall. The thinking was that if I would be happy to put them up then surely someone else would.

NES Controller Artwork
Master system artwork

Sega Master System

Xbox One Artwork
SNES Clock

SNES Clock

Atari 2600 artwork
SNES Macbook Air cover

SNES Macbook Air Cover

All good things come to an end.

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